Dosing syringes can make work easily for dogs paste

Nov. 16, 2020


pets syringe

Pills and chewable medications are usually relatively easy to administer to dogs. Most dogs will readily eat a pill that is hidden in a small treat, such as a piece of cheese or a bit of peanut butter.

But if you want to give liquid or paste gel medicine to your dog, this way mybe not good. In such case, you can use tools to give medicine.The plastic prefilled dial a dose syringe is a easiest tool for you. Now I will tell you how to give liquid medicine to your dog with the injection syringe.

Liquid and gel paste can be given via a syringe into the rear of the dog’s mouth by inserting the tip of the veterinary syringe near the back teeth on either side. Holding the dog’s head pointing partially upward can help prevent spills.

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