Dairy farming tends to be large-scale and requires syringe drugs

Aug. 11, 2021

The dairy farming industry is an important part of the animal husbandry industry. With the escalation of market demand and people's increased attention to the safety of dairy products, the dairy farming industry gradually tends to scale. For the market of syringes commonly used in dairy cow mastitis and endometritis drugs, the competition will be more intense.

Dairy farming tends to be large-scale and requires syringe drugs

5ml syringe for cow mastitis

At present, dairy cow farming mainly includes three methods: grass grazing, mixed family farming and animal husbandry, and intensive large-scale farming. Among them, large-scale farming has gradually become a trend. This is because large-scale ranches usually receive higher levels of capital investment, use more advanced technology, and adopt more advanced and standardized breeding methods, which enable them to produce higher-quality milk and higher milk than small-scale ranches. Milk production. At the same time, large-scale pastures are more efficient and more environmentally friendly, and are in line with the country's sustainable development policy. The government has issued many documents to encourage the development of large-scale pastures. In this context, many retail and family farms will gradually withdraw from the market.
Dairy cow mastitis and endometritis are the two major obstacles hindering the healthy development of dairy cattle breeding. Infusion treatment or flushing through a syringe is a common and effective method for many farms. Driven by the background of large-scale dairy farming, the competition among veterinary drug manufacturers will intensify. Similarly, syringe manufacturers as an important part of veterinary drugs will also face greater market pressure, and the trend of survival of the fittest is obvious.
How to occupy a place in the fierce market, on the one hand, rely on advanced equipment, technology and innovation capabilities, on the other hand, manufacturers of pharmaceutical packaging materials should also control the quality of the intramammary syringe to ensure the safety and stability of the drug.

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