What is the function of the protective cap of the veterinary syringe

Mar. 14, 2023

Veterinary syringe is a multi-component special packaging, which is composed of sleeve, push rod, protective cap, positioning ring and other components. These seemingly inconspicuous components play important roles in the storage or delivery of drugs. So do you know the function of the protective cap?

Application steps of pet syringe

30ml dial a dose syringe

Application steps of pet syringe

pet syringe

The protective cap is located at the tip of the veterinary syringe. According to different packaging purposes, the size and size of the protective cap will vary, but the function is the same, mainly for sealing. In the state of tightly closing the protective cap, the contact between the external environment and the medicine contained in it can be isolated, and the stability of the medicine can be protected. What we need to pay attention to is that the sealing function of the protective cap needs to be realized together with the push rod, otherwise the complete sealing purpose cannot be achieved.

The above is the function of the plunger of the veterinary syringe. Although it is only a very small component of the package, its function cannot be ignored, and it plays a very important role in the safety and stability of the drug during storage. Xinfuda has been focusing on pharmaceutical packaging for 20 years, and its products have passed the DMF record. Welcome to discuss cooperation.

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