Application of Veterinary Syringes

Jun. 27, 2023

The veterinary syringe is a special drug packaging, which prepackages the preparation in the tube sleeve. When administering the drug, open the protective cap and push the push rod to perform simple drug administration, thus effectively reducing the risk of cross-infection. This kind of packaging is widely used in animal medicines, such as pet nutrition cream, uterine infusion medicine, cow mastitis medicine, etc.

The role of intramammary tube in the treatment of dairy cow endometritis

intramammary syringe

The veterinary syringe is composed of a sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap or a positioning ring, and there are certain differences in design depending on the type of drug used. For uterine perfusion drugs, pet nutrition cream, etc., its tip is thicker, which is mainly for the convenience of drug administration. In order to precisely control the dose of the drug, the push rod is also marked with a standard scale, which can be used with the positioning ring to make the dosage of the drug more accurate and avoid harm to the health of animals due to overdose. For drugs such as cow mastitis medicine and cockroach medicine, the tip of this packaging is relatively thin, which is also for the convenience of administration.

Application steps of pet syringe

30ml dial a dose syringe

Application steps of pet syringe

pet syringe

In general, veterinary syringes can effectively reduce drug contamination and improve drug safety and controllability. In addition, its ease of use and precision make it popular in the production and use of animal medicines.

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