Application of twin-neck bottle in veterinary insect repellent drugs

Apr. 12, 2021

Parasitic diseases are common diseases in the livestock breeding industry, and regular deworming of livestock is also an important task in the daily management of farms. At present, the anthelmintic drugs on the market are mainly powder and liquid preparations. For the convenience of use, an anthelmintic drug package with a two-neck bottle design has been universally recognized by the market.

Application of twin-neck bottle in veterinary insect repellent drugs

1000ml dispensing bottle with twin neck

Veterinary anthelmintics are mainly used for the prevention and treatment of nematode diseases, mites and parasitic insect diseases in sheep and pigs. From the perspective of the route of administration, veterinary anthelmintics are mostly used by injection, oral administration, painting, etc., depending on the dosage form. The method of administration is also different. The emergence of two-neck bottle packaging has made the route of administration more diversified, and has also given farmers more choices.

There is a water barrier inside the bottle body of the twin-neck bottle. The water barrier divides the bottle body into an upper water tank and a lower water tank. The upper water tank is marked with a scale and can be used as a quantitative bottle. The lower water tank is a space for storing medicines. When in use, open the cap of the measuring bottle and gently squeeze the bottle body to make the appropriate amount of medicine enter the quantitative bottle. The mouth of the measuring bottle is on the top and the mouth of the medicine bottle is on the bottom. The back midline is poured onto the back of the livestock. The liquid medicine can penetrate into the body through the back of the livestock to achieve the effect of deworming. This kind of packaging combines quantitative and storage functions into one, making the way of administration more convenient.

The innovation of science and technology has caused continuous changes in all walks of life, and the emergence of two-neck bottles is the product of this change. Veterinary drug companies should not only focus on product quality in the choice of veterinary packaging, but also need to think more about the convenience of customers.

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