These designs improve the applicability of disinfectant bottles

Oct. 14, 2021

The disinfectant bottle is a special packaging for disinfectant, and some special designs make this packaging more suitable.
1. Bottle body design: The body of the disinfectant bottle needs to be labeled with information such as the production date, use method, and dilution ratio of the product. In order to facilitate labeling, some bottles are designed with a frame on the surface of the bottle body, so that the label can be pasted more accurately, and it is not easy to move during later use.

These designs improve the applicability of disinfectant bottles

1000ml dispensing bottle

2. Bottle mouth design: Disinfectants are highly corrosive and generally need to be diluted during use. In order to facilitate the measurement of the solution dosage, a two-neck bottle design with a measurement function was successfully launched. This kind of packaging consists of two parts, a measuring bottle and a volume cavity, which correspond to two bottle mouths respectively. When in use, open the mouth of the measuring bottle, squeeze the bottle body, and the liquid will enter the measuring bottle through the tube, and the corresponding solution can be obtained by observing the scale. The process of pouring the solution into the volumetric cup is avoided, and the operation is more convenient.

These designs improve the applicability of disinfectant bottles

1000ml HDPE disinfectant bottle

3. Large-capacity design: There are many types of disinfectants and a wide range of applications. In terms of packaging capacity, there are not only 500-1000ml bottle packaging, but also large-capacity barrels of 1L or more. Small-capacity packaging is suitable for household disinfection. Volumetric packaging is suitable for disinfection in public places.
The design of the disinfectant bottle not only facilitates the operation of users, but also meets the needs of different application scenarios. With the development of science and technology and the continuous changes of market demand, this kind of packaging will also bring us more surprises.

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