What is the function of the positioning ring of the syringe

Jan. 03, 2023

Among all kinds of veterinary packaging, syringes are very common, such as cow uterine infusion drugs, pet nutrition cream, and horse/calf oral paste. Careful, have you noticed that there is a circular positioning ring on its push rod, do you know its function?

Application steps of pet syringe

30ml dial a dose syringe

Application steps of pet syringe

pet syringe

Its animal medication should also follow the corresponding dosage, overdose may easily cause an overreaction, and underdose, the drug effect is difficult to play, and the corresponding therapeutic effect will not be achieved. The positioning ring of the veterinary syringe is mainly used to control the dosage of the drug.

There is a standard scale printed on the push rod. Before giving medicine to animals, we first calculate the corresponding dose, slide the positioning ring to the corresponding scale, and then push the push rod. When the push rod reaches the positioning ring, stop pushing, thus achieving Precise control of drug dosage.

The above is the main function of the syringe positioning ring, do you understand? Xinfuda has been engaged in pharmaceutical packaging for 20 years and supplies all kinds of veterinary packaging. Welcome to discuss cooperation.

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