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How to guarantee large plastic injection bottle sterile?

Carrie May 22,2017 Share this post:

The quality guarantee of large plastic injection bottle mainly is that sterile bottle, in this regard, it is necessary for sterile packaging.

The risk of large plastic injection vial comes from the follow points:

First, microbial contamination level of raw materials;

Second, the reliability of the sterilization process;

Third, the sealing of large plastic injection bottle;

Fourth, whether plan the perfect aseptic guarantee management system.

plastic bottle for injection 

And then guarantee large plastic injection vial need do best the following:

First, microbial contamination level testing for raw materials, usually in terms of microorganism distribution in solid materials may be uneven, lead to the sample test results do not necessarily represent the whole situation of the whole batch of raw material.Should make raw material procurement standards, related regulations of the corresponding microbial limit.

Second, should adopt reasonable mode of sterilization, can achieve thorough sterilization effect, usually with ethylene oxide sterilization or cobalt 60 sterilization sterilization processing method.

Third, the use of advanced technology for production, ensure the bottle seal is good, the sealing good cover, thus effectively ensure the sealing seal.

Fourth, formulate perfect aseptic management system to ensure that the workshop production environment, as well as the relevant standards as to meet the requirement of GMP clean workshop set standards and enterprise.

1 liter infusion plastic bottle

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