Veterinary vaccine bottle purchase

Nov. 26, 2020

Veterinary vaccine bottle purchaseIf you do not pay attention to the following points when purchasing veterinary vaccine bottles, it is easy to affect the efficacy of the vaccine and cause certain losses to the drug delivery company.

Corrosion resistance

As a common veterinary medicine, veterinary vaccines must have certain stability in packaging materials. At present, veterinary vaccine bottles are mostly made of polypropylene or polyethylene. These two materials are not easy to deform, can be sterilized at high temperature, and are cheap. The difference is that the high temperature resistance of polypropylene is slightly higher than that of polyethylene, but it is fragile at low temperatures and the bottles produced are more delicate. The toughness of polyethylene is better than polypropylene. Generally speaking, both materials meet the functional requirements of veterinary vaccine bottles. Veterinary drug companies can choose more suitable materials according to their actual market needs.

Production Process

At present, the production process of plastic bottles includes injection molding, injection blowing, extrusion blowing, etc. Most of the vaccine bottles use advanced injection blowing technology. The veterinary vaccine bottles produced by the injection blowing process have full molding, uniform injection molding, no thin or thick, no artificial Intervention is highly automatic. In view of the above advantages, vaccine bottles produced by injection-blowing technology have become the first choice for veterinary drug companies.

Sealing performance

Plastic injection vials are used to hold liquid medicine. If the sealing performance of the bottle is not good, it is easy to cause liquid leakage, which not only affects the efficacy of the medicine, but also brings certain economic losses to veterinary drug companies and farmers. Take an appropriate amount of this product, put an appropriate amount of glass balls into each bottle, screw the cap tightly, place it in a container with an air extraction device, immerse in water, and vacuum to a vacuum of 27KPa for 2 minutes. No water in the bottle Or bubbling.

Sterility requirements

The sterility of vaccines is a particularly important link. The production, cultivation, and packaging of vaccines, including vaccine vials, are all very important. Otherwise, it will not only waste a lot of manpower and material resources, but also affect the cost and benefit of veterinary drug companies. The production of vaccine bottles must be carried out in a clean workshop. After the production is completed, there is another sterilization treatment to ensure that the vaccine bottles reach the sterile standard.

Pharmaceutical packaging is a "silent salesman", which not only protects the safety and stability of medicines, but also promotes the brand for the company invisibly. Therefore, the selection of veterinary vaccine bottles should be more rigorous on the basis of meeting the functions of drugs, so that the "silent salesman" of drug packaging can play its role.

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