veterinary syringe in horse oral paste

Mar. 30, 2021

The popularity of plastic materials makes veterinary medicine packaging styles continue to be developed, showing the characteristics of rich types and different performances. The veterinary syringe is a new type of packaging that is convenient to use and has a wide range of applications. It is more common in the application of horse nutrition ointment and medicine.

veterinary syringe in horse oral paste

paste syringe

The horse industry is divided into traditional horse industry and modern horse industry. The main feature of the traditional horse industry is that horses are mainly used for service, including agriculture, transportation, military and product production; the modern horse industry is mainly used for non-service, including horse racing, equestrianism, sports and entertainment. The horse industry in developed countries in the world has been in the stage of modern horse industry, showing the characteristics of sports entertainment, economy, sociality and internationalization. During the feeding process of horses, gastrointestinal diseases or excessive physical exertion lead to nutritional imbalance. The medicines used to treat these diseases are mostly oral pastes, such as horse nutrition ointment and deworming. Medicines, etc., due to the large size of horses, in order to facilitate the administration, these medicines are generally packaged in the form of a syringe.

The perfusion device is a new type of packaging that integrates the functions of drug storage and injection. It is composed of a push rod, a protective cap, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. When in use, you only need to open the protective cap to directly administer the drug. The positioning ring is designed It can also make the dosage of the medicine more accurate, and has the advantages of convenient use, reduced pollution, and avoidance of residues, which can meet the administration needs of horse oral paste drugs. There ar 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml  and 60ml sizes.

The application of the syringe in horse oral paste medicine is only one aspect of its application range. Thanks to the advantages of convenient use and less residue, it has also been used in the dairy farming industry, cockroach-killing drugs, pet nutrition ointments, etc. The universal application is favored by many veterinary drug companies.

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