Tips for using cockroach medicine syringe

Aug. 16, 2021

Summer is rainy and humid environment can easily lead to the breeding and reproduction of cockroaches and other pests. Even if the room is cleaned and ventilated every day, sometimes it is still unavoidable. The cockroach-killing gel bait packaged by the syringe is a highly effective anti-cockroach medicine, which is favored by many consumers.

Tips for using cockroach medicine syringe

10ml gel syringe

According to statistics, cockroaches carry at least 40 kinds of bacteria, nearly 10 kinds of viruses, 7 kinds of parasites, and 12 kinds of molds. The detection rate of aflatoxin carried on cockroaches is also very high, which may cause cancer. Teratogenic substances. The plastic syringe is the main package of the paste-like bait cockroach medicine. It is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, and a protective cap. The protective cap is removed when using it, and it is injected into places where cockroaches often come and go, such as gaps. , Cavity, departure, bathroom, etc. This drug does not require other food as an inducement, and it has an attractant, which makes it easier for cockroaches to catch the bait. Squeeze one drop every 0.5-1 meters. When a cockroach eats the bait, the poison will radiate. After returning to the nest, the poison will eventually die. The cockroaches like to eat the corpses of their companions. When they eat the poisoned cockroaches, the cockroaches in the entire nest will be wiped out.
Compared with other forms of cockroach medicine packaging such as sprays and bags, the needle part of the cockroach syringe is thinner and covers more comprehensively. Daily office printers, water pipe staggered areas, drawer gaps, etc. can be covered, and cockroaches can be eliminated more thoroughly. Not only for homes, but also for hotels, restaurants, schools and other places.

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