Syringe treatment steps for cow mastitis

May. 30, 2022

In the feeding process of dairy cows, poor feeding management and environmental management will lead to the occurrence of dairy cow mastitis. The use of intramammary syringe to perfuse the cow udder is a common treatment method at home and abroad. The specific operation steps are as follows:

Syringe treatment steps for cow mastitis

intramammary syringe

1. Squeeze the milk in the breast first, quickly bathe the nipple, and dry the liquid on the nipple with a sterile towel or paper towel;

2. Use alcohol cotton balls to sterilize the nipples. One cotton ball only sterilizes one nipple, first sterilize the outer pair of nipples;

3. The infusion of the drug starts from the inner pair of nipples. In order to avoid infection, a needle can only be used for one nipple;

4. Do not insert the milk needle too deep into the nipple tube, 6 cm is enough, massage the breast after perfusion;

5. After the plasticveterinary syringe is filled, perform a nipple medicine bath again.

The above are the administration steps of using a syringe for the treatment of cow mastitis. Compared with other treatment methods, this method can directly reach the lesion, and the treatment effect is remarkable. In addition, it should be noted that dairy cow mastitis is caused by poor feeding management and environmental management during the feeding process of dairy cows. The operator must do self-disinfection work before using the intramammary syringe to administer the milk to the cow udder to avoid introducing other bacteria and aggravating the cow illness.

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