Application of Syringe-Bismuth Subnitrite for Dairy Cows

May. 11, 2022

Veterinary packaging has gradually added other functions on the basis of drug storage functions. Intramammary syringes are a special packaging that has both drug storage and drug delivery functions. For example, bismuth subnitrite is the packaging of choice.

Application of Syringe-Bismuth Subnitrite for Dairy Cows

5ml syringe for cow mastitis

Bismuth subnitrite is an anti-inflammatory drug used to prevent dry mastitis in dairy cows. Dairy cow mastitis is one of the important diseases that plague dairy farms, which seriously threatens the economic benefits of the pasture. The dry period is the adjustment period of the cow's udder. The physiological skills of the udder and the function of the mammary gland change, the immunity of the body declines, and mastitis is very easy to occur. Affect the next lactation performance of dairy cows. Therefore, the prevention of mastitis in dairy cows during the dry period is very important to reduce the incidence and improve the economic benefits of the farm.

Bismuth subnitrite plays an important role in the prevention of mastitis in dairy cows during the dry period. It is a paste-like drug.

Helps prevent new mastitis infections throughout the dry period by providing a malleable barrier in the teat canal. The packaging of this medicine uses a veterinary syringe with a drug delivery function, and the tip of the package is relatively thin, and the drug can be directly administered to the breast through the tip, which is convenient to operate and reduces pollution.

The tip of the plastic intramammary syringe is made of soft low density polyethylene material, which can reduce the irritation to the cow's teat during administration. Using the driving force of the push rod to derive the drug can also reduce the drug residue and improve the drug utilization rate. This packaging method is also used for pet nutrition cream, horse medicine and other drugs.

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