Syringe Applications-Probiotics for Horses

Mar. 30, 2022

As a multifunctional drug packaging, plastic syringe is widely used in the veterinary drug industry. Syringe has the advantages of convenient use, reduced pollution, quantitative feeding, etc. The probiotic paste for horses is also the selected packaging method.

Syringe Applications - Probiotics for Horses

30ml dial a dose syringe

Syringe Applications - Probiotics for Horses

20ml syringe for pet applicator

Probiotics for horses can stabilize the digestive system of horses and promote stable metabolism. The benefits of probiotics include healthier weight and healthier mares and foals. Probiotic supplements are recommended for horses who have an illness, experience mental or physical stress, or have made dietary changes. Occasionally, the levels of these microbes are out of balance due to factors that favor the production of one microbe. The result is indigestion, such as colic. Probiotics are thought to contribute to the health and maintenance of these microbes.

Probiotics for horses is a paste preparation, which can be fed through a graduated syringe. It consists of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a protective cap, a piston, and a positioning ring. In a sealed state, this package is also used for drug storage. container. The probiotics syringe for horses is generally 30ml or 60ml, and the tip is designed with a foul mouth, which is convenient for administration.

In a word, if you are choosing the right packaging for horse probiotics, Xinfuda's veterinary syringes can be your choice, with specifications ranging from 5ml-60ml. According to your filling method, we provide corresponding assembly methods to improve the your productivity.

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