Common problems solutions in twin neck measuring bottle molding

May. 31, 2021

The twin neck measuring bottle is an innovative type of packaging, which is widely used in solutions that need to be diluted, such as pesticides, pH buffers, and fluorescent leak detectors. This kind of special-shaped bottle is processed by extrusion and blowing technology, and some failures may be encountered during the forming process, but as long as the specific reason is found, the corresponding solution can be selected to ensure the quality of the bottle.
Common problems in the molding process of twin neck measuring bottle include the following:
1. Reasons for the rough surface of the parison: ①The melt temperature is too low and the plasticization is not good; ②Extrusion and pressing speed are too fast; ③Improper die structure.
    Solution: ①Adjust the molding temperature (mainly the die); ②Appropriately reduce the speed; ③Increase the shaping section.
2. Reasons for product deformation: ①The melt temperature is high and the blow molding cycle is short; ②The cooling efficiency of the mold body is poor; ③The blow molding pressure is small.
    Solution: ①Reduce the melt temperature and extend the blow molding time; ②Increase the cooling water volume and cooling temperature, and check whether the cooling water channel is unblocked; ③Increase the blow molding pressure to not less than 0.196MPa (2kg/cm2).

Common problems solutions in twin neck measuring bottle molding

twin neck bottle

3. Reasons for bubbles in the product: ①The raw material has high moisture content or volatile matter; ②The molding temperature is too high, and the part is overheated and decomposed.
    Solution: ①Pre-dry the material or change the formula; ②Reduce the molding temperature to prevent local overheating or partial storage of the material.
4. The obvious reasons for the suture line of the product: ①The temperature of the die is too low; ②The resin melt viscosity is large or the MFR is small; ③The structure of the die is not good.
    Solution: ① adjust the temperature of the die; ② increase the molding temperature or replace the material with a large MFR; ③ increase the choke device or lengthen the shaping section.
5. Reasons for dents in the cutting edge: ①Improper overflow angle of the cutting edge; ②The closing speed of the mold is too fast.
Solution: ① Repair the angle of the knife edge; ② Slow down the mold closing speed.

Common problems solutions in twin neck measuring bottle molding

500ml twin neck bottle

In the production process, all aspects such as raw materials, temperature, blow molding time, etc. must be strictly controlled, so as to produce high quality twin neck measuring bottle.

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