Printing method of syringe plunger scale

Oct. 21, 2022

In the process of veterinary drug use, precise control of dosage is equally important. The plastic veterinary syringe is a special package with a dosing device, with a standard scale printed on the push rod, used together with a positioning ring. The shape of the push rod is uneven, what printing method is used for it?

Printing method of syringe plunger scale

60ml syringe with dosing plunger

At present, there are various printing methods on the market, including offset printing, screen printing, pad printing, etc. The scale on the plunger of the plastic syringe adopts the pad printing method. Pad printing is one of the special printing methods, which can print text, graphics and images on the surface of irregular shaped objects, and is now becoming an important special printing. For example, the text and patterns on the surface of mobile phones are printed in this way, and the surface printing of many electronic products such as computer keyboards, instruments, and meters are all done by pad printing.

This printing method has mature technology, exquisite printing effect, ink saving, odorless and non-polluting, which ensures the firmness and beauty of the scale of the syringe plunger push rod.

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