Printing method for intramammary syringes

Nov. 05, 2020

The veterinary syringe is an animal perfusion medication tool, which is mainly applied to the prevention and treatment of perfusion medication or uterine perfusion of the cow mastitis. The labeling method of the udder injector is mainly the thermal transfer printing method.

The transfer processing transfers the delicate pattern on the transfer film to the surface of the product through one-time processing (heating and pressing) of the heat transfer machine. After the molding, the ink layer is integrated with the surface of the product, which is realistic and beautiful, greatly improving the grade of the product.

Printing method for intramammary syringes

5ml syringe for cow mastitis

Thermal transfer production process of intramammary syringe:

The first step. Make high-resolution pictures;

The second step is to make a dot-type gravure electro-engraving plate according to the size of the picture;

The third step: printing the gravure on the printing machine onto the PET polyester film, that is, printing into a thermal transfer film, and printing the finished product pattern for several hours in one hour.

The fourth step is to install the thermal transfer film on the thermal transfer hot stamping machine for printing, the operation is simple, the pattern is formed once, and no coloring is needed. A thermal transfer stamping machine can print tens of thousands of products in 8 working hours a day.

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