Plastic syringe is a packaging form of cockroach medicine

Jun. 23, 2021

Cockroaches are one of the main urban pests, which bring many troubles to our lives. In order to solve the cockroach problem, cockroach medicine appeared. The packaging of cockroach medicine varies according to the dosage form of the medicine. There are three common types: bag, spray, and veterinary syringe. Among them, the plastic veterinary syringe is favored by the market due to its convenient use.

Plastic syringe is an important packaging form of cockroach medicine

cockroach syringe

There are many types of cockroach medicine, mainly divided into four types: chemical, physical, biological, and natural. In the common packaging, bagged and sprayed are two types that appeared earlier. The pharmaceutical dosage form of bagged is generally powder or granule, and the sprayed package is liquid, but the places where cockroaches are infested are mostly near water sources and near food. There are many inconveniences when applying pesticides in places near heat sources, various gaps, and wooden furniture, especially in various gaps. In order to facilitate the application of pesticides, a new type of plastic syringe packaging has appeared and has become an important packaging form of cockroach medicine.

The plastic veterinary syringe is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a positioning ring, and a protective cap. It is a new type of packaging with both drug storage and drug delivery functions. Open the protective cap when administering the drug, and put the drug directly into the place where cockroaches frequent. This kind of packaged needle tube has a relatively thin lead-out head, and it is convenient to administer even a very small gap. The built-in medicine is usually a paste-like gel bait, which can maintain the efficacy for a long time after application.

Ease of use is the basic requirement for the packaging of medicines, and it is also an important factor in improving customer experience. At present, the perfusion device has gradually replaced the traditional packaging and has become an important packaging form of cockroach medicine.

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