Plastic syringe avoids drug potenital pollution

Oct. 12, 2020

Plastic syringe is mainly combined with push rod, plunger, pipe sleeve, cap and dosing ring. Intramammary syringe is a new packaging, which can not only be drug packaging, but also be plastic syringe. The development of plastic syringe is big, and plastic syringe is popular for drugs manufacture enterprise.

Plastic syringe avoids drug potenital pollution

veterinary syringe

For drug manufacturers, the most important is to prevent drug pollution, and accurate filling dosage. When farmer or veterinarian injects for the cows, the cover of plastic syringe can keep the drug clean and for the next time using. When injected, the needle is inserted into the bottle, and in the process, it is possible to contaminate the drug. But the pre-potting syringe produced from the veterinary factory can be used directly, which is a good solution to this problem, which avoid pollluting the drug.


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