Injection vial for animal medicine

Nov. 09, 2020

Injection vial for animal medicineVeterinary medicine injection vial is a kind of plastic packaging for veterinary drugs. It can produce important functions and performances in actual packaging use. It requires a certain process in actual processing to ensure that veterinary drug plastic bottles have good use. Product performance and advantages. Veterinary vaccine bottles are cleaner finished containers. The production of hygienic and clean finished containers is an inherent advantage of the one-step process. Since the storage of the two-step preforms is reduced, the secondary processing and post-treatment of the extrusion process are reduced, and the deposition of dust impurities inside and outside the bottle wall is avoided. It avoids the contact between the hand and the preform and the container, thereby advantageously reducing the pollution erosion of the bacteria.

The injection vial for animal medicine will become the protagonist of medicine packaging, but at the same time, environmental protection, safety, health and other issues have also been concerned by the community. In order to adapt to the changes in consumer environmental awareness, pharmaceutical packaging companies have begun to develop "green" packaging, mainly: recyclable green packaging, environmental conditioning packaging, high barrier packaging, aseptic packaging, antibacterial packaging. There are also some environmentally friendly and beautiful packaging materials, in addition to plastic packaging products will have more new packaging materials. Good compatibility between the same drugs used to hold various types of drugs, that is, to ensure that the chemical properties of the glass containers are not stable due to the instability of the chemical properties of the glass containers during the production, storage and use of the drugs. And cause the variation or failure of the drug.

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