How to use twin neck bottle

Oct. 08, 2023

Twin neck bottle is a new type of packaging form. It consists of two bottle mouths and is mainly used to store liquids that need to be diluted, such as disinfectants, buffers, etc. As a special packaging, how should it be used?

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Ordinary plastic bottles generally have only one bottle mouth, while double neck bottles are designed with two bottle mouths. One bottle mouth corresponds to the dosing chamber, and the other bottle mouth corresponds to the storage bottle. The quantitative chamber has a standard scale for measuring the amount of solution. Its capacity is generally not too large, mainly 10ml-50ml, depending on the packaging specifications. There is an internal conduit connecting the storage bottle and the dosing chamber. Follow the following steps when using it:

First loosen the bottle cap of the quantitative chamber, gently squeeze the storage bottle with your hand, observe the rising scale of the solution, and fill the quantitative chamber with the required capacity. Then remove the cap of the quantitative chamber bottle, pour out the solution inside and dilute it before use.

The special design of twin neck bottle does not require pouring the liquid into a separate measuring cup for measurement, making it more convenient to operate and avoiding contamination of the solution by the external environment. It is welcomed by more and more companies.

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