How to use the calf paste tube

Sep. 07, 2022

The Calf paste tube is a multifunctional veterinary package, which consists of a tube sleeve, push rod, piston, protective cap and positioning ring. While storing the medicine, paste syringe also has the function of drug delivery. So, how should this packaging be used?

plastic syringe appliaction in calf paste nutritional supplement

Calf Paste Tube Syringe Applicator 30cc 15cc 60cc

Calf Nutritional Cream is primarily used to promote a healthy appetite and digestive system in newborn calves, allowing them to reach their full genetic potential. When administering with the plastic syringe applicator, follow these steps:

1. Estimate the body weight of the calf, and calculate the dose of the drug based on the body weight.

2. Slide the positioning ring to the corresponding dose to fix it, inject the drug deep into the calf's mouth, and push the push rod to administer the drug.

3. After the administration, lift the head of the calf and let it swallow the medicine.

The above are the steps for using the calf paste tube. The resistance of the newborn calf is relatively weak. When administering the drug, the operator should do his own hygiene work to avoid introducing external infection and affecting the health of the calf.

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