How to ensure the accuracy of magic calmer syringe

May. 28, 2021

The dose of a drug refers to the amount of the drug that produces a certain response to the body during administration, and usually refers to the amount used to prevent and treat diseases. The accuracy of medication is very important to the efficacy of the medication and the health of the animals. The magic calmer syringe is a new type of packaging that can control the amount of medication.

How to ensure the accuracy of magic calmer syringe

paste syringe

After the drug reaches a certain dose and is absorbed by the body, it can reach a certain drug concentration, and only when it reaches a certain drug concentration can the drug effect appear. If the dose is too small, the effective concentration cannot be obtained in the animal body, and the drug cannot exert its effective effect. However, if the dose is too large and exceeds a certain limit, the effect of the drug may undergo qualitative changes, which may cause varying degrees of toxicity to the animal body. Therefore, in order to play the effective role of the drug while avoiding its adverse reactions, it is necessary to strictly control the dosage range of the drug.

How to ensure the accuracy of magic calmer syringe

30ml dial a dose syringe

The veterinary syringe is composed of a sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, and a positioning ring. It is the main packaging for drugs such as cow endometritis and pet nutrition ointment. The scale is printed on the push rod, and the movable positioning ring can make the dosage of medicine more accurate. When in use, open the protective cap, observe the scale of the push rod, fix the positioning ring to the required amount of medicine, and directly push the push rod. It is convenient to use and reduces pollution. It is a good medicine packaging.
The accuracy of medication is related to the therapeutic effect of the medication and the health of the animal. It must be administered in accordance with the prescribed dosage. The positioning ring design of the magic calmer syringe ensures the accuracy of medication, and has gradually become the choice of many veterinary drugs.


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