Composition of the calf paste syringe

Aug. 30, 2022

Newborn Calf Nutrition Cream is an oral paste that provides energy, colostrum, probiotics, active protein and vitamins to prevent indigestion and help newborn calves get started quickly. This paste is packaged in a pourer, mainly because of its unique functionality, but also because of its structure.

plastic syringe appliaction in calf paste nutritional supplement

Calf Paste Tube Syringe Applicator 30cc 15cc 60cc

The calf paste tube is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, a piston, a protective cap, with a positioning ring or without a positioning ring. After the drug filling is completed, the push rod and the protective cap can achieve a sealing effect. At this time, it plays the role of drug storage. The role of the container. Remove the protective cap and push the push rod, and it instantly turns into a drug delivery tool, which also has the functions of drug storage and drug delivery.

The speciality of this packaging is also reflected in the aspect of dosing. There is a standard scale printed on the push rod. After calculating the appropriate dose, slide the positioning ring to the corresponding scale and push the push rod. When the push rod reaches the Stop pushing at the positioning ring, so as to achieve precise control of the drug dose.

From the composition of the calf paste syringe, we can see that it is a packaging container with diversified functions. Such packaging is of great significance for improving the added value of drugs and enhancing the competitiveness of pharmaceutical companies.

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