Cockroach medicine in the form of a syringe is more convenient to use

Jul. 26, 2021

The role of veterinary drug packaging is not only reflected in protecting the safety of drugs, but the functionality of packaging is also one of the focuses of attention of pharmaceutical companies. There are many types of cockroach medicine on the market, but the one that can occupy a certain advantage in the packaging function is undoubtedly the veterinary syringe.

Cockroach medicine in the form of a syringe is more convenient to use

10ml gel syringe

Cockroaches are one of the four major pests in the city, which bring a lot of trouble to people's lives. In order to completely eliminate cockroaches, various cockroach medicines have appeared on the market. According to different types of packaging, there are mainly the following categories:
Bags: Cockroach medicine in this form of packaging is generally powder or granular. Although the packaging cost is relatively low, there are many inconveniences when applying the medicine, such as the medicine cannot stick to the wall cracks, and it is easily affected by the environment and damp Invalidate.
Spray: Although this kind of packaging is convenient to use, it is also inconvenient to apply medicine to the corners and crevices where cockroaches infest.
Veterinary syringe: This is a new type of packaging, its design principle is derived from the syringe, and the drug storage function is added on the basis of the syringe. When you open the protective cap, you can put the medicine in the wall joints, kitchen, bathroom and other places where cockroaches frequent. Paste-like bait medicine can be attached to the wall to facilitate cockroaches to eat.
Compared with several other types of packaging, cockroach medicine in the form of syringe is more convenient to use. When choosing cockroach medicine packaging, pharmaceutical companies should not only consider the cost of the packaging, but also consider the functionality of the packaging and the convenience of consumers. Good packaging will add points to product sales.

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