Why is the anti-cockroach bait used in cockroach syringe packaging?

Sep. 13, 2021

Cockroach-killing glue bait is a kind of poisonous bait medicine. It is made of various organic or inorganic glues as a matrix and added with effective ingredients for killing cockroaches. It has a long-lasting effect of killing cockroaches. Unlike other cockroach medicines, plastic cockroach syringes are often used in this dosage form. What is the reason?

Why is the anti-cockroach bait used in prefilled syringe packaging?cid=3

10ml gel syringe

Cockroaches like to live in places that are warm, humid, rich in food, and crevices. These are the four basic conditions for their breeding. All buildings where people live and live generally have these conditions, so cockroaches have become sanitary pests that invade thousands of households. Such as indoor furniture, cracks in walls, caves and corners, and debris. Cockroaches are omnivorous insects with a wide range of food types, including bread, rice, pastries, cooked meat and vegetables, fruits and beverages, etc. They especially like fragrant, sweet, and oily pasta foods.
Cockroach-killing glue bait can attract cockroaches and has a good stomach poison effect. The cockroaches will not die immediately after eating the poisonous bait. After returning to the nest, the medicine will slowly attack until death. Cockroaches have the habit of sharing the same kind of food. The poisonous cockroaches will gradually die after being eaten, achieving the effect of completely eradicating cockroaches. Therefore, the key to application is a wide range. Some ordinary packages cannot be applied in gaps, corners and other places. However, the tip of the cocroach syringe is relatively thin, which can penetrate into these places. Good to eliminate cockroaches.
The cockroach syringe is composed of a tube sleeve, a push rod, and a protective cap. Open the protective cap when applying medicine and gently push the push rod, and the medicine will be led out through the tip. Thanks to its easy-to-use characteristics, this kind of packaging has also been widely used in the packaging of dairy cow mastitis, grease and other products.

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