Bottle with dispensing chamber

Oct. 08, 2020

Practical shape: plastic liquid bottles have a dispensing chamber that can be used as a calibration vessel - no contamination with the rest of the bottle.

Bottle with dispensing chamber

twin neck bottle

The aseptic treatment of twin neck bottle mainly includes the sterilization treatment of ethylene oxide and cobalt 60. The sterilization of ethylene oxide is mainly gas sterilization. Currently, medical devices are widely sterilized by using ethylene oxide. Cobalt 60 sterilization is radiation sterilization, which is relatively costly.

Bottle with dispensing chamber ethylene oxide sterilization has the following advantages:

1. Can kill all microorganisms, including bacterial spores.

2. Sterilized items can be wrapped, packaged in their entirety, and kept sterile before use.

3. Does not corrode plastic, metal and rubber;

4. Can penetrate irregular shapes.

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