Application of plastic vaccine bottle-swine flu inactivated vaccine

May. 23, 2022

Plastic vaccine bottles are generally processed from polyethylene or polypropylene raw materials, which have good barrier properties and good sealing performance with rubber stoppers and aluminum caps. They are mainly used for the storage of inactivated vaccines. Inactivated swine flu vaccine is one of them.

Application of plastic vaccine bottle-swine flu inactivated vaccine

250ml PE vaccine bottle

Application of plastic vaccine bottle-swine flu inactivated vaccine

50ml PP injection vial

Swine influenza is an acute and infectious respiratory disease of pigs. It is characterized by sudden onset, cough, dyspnea, fever and rapid outcome. Swine flu is caused by the influenza A virus (influenza A virus), which usually occurs between pigs and is highly contagious but usually not fatal. Autumn and winter are high incidence periods, but can spread throughout the year. Swine flu is often identified as one of the subspecies of influenza C virus (influenza C virus) or influenza A virus. The virus can cause influenza outbreaks in pig herds. Humans are rarely infected with swine flu viruses.

Vaccination for pigs in advance is an important way to prevent the occurrence of epidemic diseases. Unlike live vaccines, inactivated vaccines do not need to be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure, so the temperature resistance of the packaging is not high. Plastic vaccine bottles are lightweight, unbreakable, and have low transportation costs, making them the main packaging for inactivated vaccines.

Before immunization of swine flu inactivated vaccine, pay attention to observe the sealing of plastic vaccine bottles, and immunize according to the dosage prescribed in the instructions. After the immunization is completed, the empty bottles should not be discarded at will, and should be collected for pollution-free treatment to avoid secondary pollution.

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