Application of high-density polyethylene bottles in solid pharmaceuticals

Dec. 06, 2023

High-density polyethylene bottles (HDPE bottles) are a commonly used plastic packaging that are widely used in pharmaceutical packaging due to their excellent physical and chemical properties. Compared with traditional glass bottles, this bottle has better impact resistance, chemical stability and portability. It has become an important choice in solid pharmaceutical packaging.

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medicine bottle

1. Impact resistance: High-density polyethylene bottles can withstand strong impact and are not easily broken. They can effectively protect the internal drugs from the external environment.

2. Chemical stability: It has good stability against a variety of chemical substances and is resistant to corrosion by most acid and alkali solvents at room temperature. It can prevent the interaction between drugs and packaging materials and ensure the quality of drugs.

3. Portability: Bottles made of this material are relatively light, easy to transport and use, and also reduce transportation costs.

4. Good sealing: It has good sealing performance and can effectively prevent drugs from getting damp and contaminated.

5. Moisture-proof performance: Due to the strict requirements for moisture-proof performance of solid drugs, this bottle will have a small medicine bin on the lid to store desiccant and maintain the stability of the internal environment of the package.

The above is the application of high-density polyethylene bottles in solid drugs. Its excellent impact resistance, chemical stability and portability make it a very widely used pharmaceutical packaging.

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