2023 Xinfuda semi-annual review meeting

Jul. 18, 2023

From July 14th to 15th, 2023, Xinfuda organized a semi-annual work review meeting to review and review the work in the first half of the year from a strategic perspective, sum up experience and highlights, sort out and analyze existing problems, and comprehensively deploy key points in the second half of the year Work.

2023 Xinfuda semi-annual review meeting

2023 Xinfuda semi-annual review meeting

The theme of the meeting was "creating, sharing and flying together". The heads of each department carefully summarized the completion of the work in the first half of the year in each field, deeply analyzed the shortcomings and weaknesses in the work, carefully planned the work ideas and measures for the second half of the year, and solidly promoted the overall progress. Achievement of strategic goals for the year.

Wang Jinjun, President of Xinfuda, emphasized: A person can go faster, and a group of people can go farther. The purpose of the review is to discover problems, face them squarely, and solve them. It is hoped that all departments will adjust their ideas and plans in a timely manner based on the work progress and existing problems in the first half of the year, unify their goals, boost their spirits, and work hard to welcome the second half of the year with a new attitude. challenge.

In order to promote the realization and implementation of the 2023 strategic goals, promote cross-departmental collaboration and consensus, and at the same time improve the communication management ability and personal leadership of middle-level managers, the company specially invited professional lecturers to bring "horizontal management golf" theme training.

The course will bring the situations that often occur in downward management and cross-departmental horizontal management into the virtual scene of the golf course. Through discussion, interaction and guidance, students can integrate into it and think actively, and finally summarize management skills and new ideas for solving problems ,new method. This training enables middle-level managers to recognize their roles and responsibilities, and to master effective and optimal handling methods in different difficult management situations, so that management can be done with ease.

The shortcomings in the first half of the year will urge us to move forward, and the achievements in the first half of the year will become our starting point. The second half of the journey in 2023 has already begun, and the horn of passion and forge ahead has also sounded. Let us ride the wind and waves, go forward bravely, and launch a sprint towards the company's annual business goals!

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