Veterinary Medicine Bottles

50ml HDPE bottle with desccant cap

Size Chart

ReferenceBottle Height(mm)Neck Outside(mm)Neck Inside(mm)Bottom Diameter(mm)Desiccant Weight(g)Bottle Weight(g)Cap Weight(g)Bottle Material

Product Description

HDPE Bottles with Desiccant Cap are ideally used for the highly hygroscopic products which is sensitive to moisture. That is why the cap have built-in desiccant like silica gel to make sure the tablet,pills,capsules to stay in dry condition within its shelf life. The built-in chamber of the caps can carry desiccant. The Bottle made from HDPE resin,it has exceptional moisture and vapour barrier properties (MVTR) and stiffness. Safe for pack hygroscopic tablets or other capsules in pharma.

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