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Name:5ml Intramammary Syringe and Injector Supplier in China


Sizes:Diameter: 14.65mm
Tube Height: 75.3mm


Cap:Tip Cap

Certificate:DMF  CE  SFDA  ISO


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Intramammary syringes are used in the following way.

1>Gel syringes provide controlled metered dispensing and precision placement of creams, pastes, gels, etc.

2>Intramammary injector for cow mastitis

3>Insecticide gel syringe for cats or dogs

4>Cockroach killing gel syringe

The advantage of 5ml intramammary syringe.


 2>Made with FDA approved HDPE plastic

 3>CE certificate

 4>Full insertion

 5>Various colors

 6>GMP standard production

 7>EO sterilization

The process for veteriary syringe. 

veterinary syringe machine

veterinary syringe mold

veterinary syringe test

The packaging for veterinary syringe as the following picture.

The carton packaging size:

Carton Size: 48*33*40cm

Inside No.: 400pcs/ctn

The packaging steps:

First, veterianry syringe in bags

Second, bags in cartons

Third, sealing cartons

veterinary syringe first package in bags

carton packaging for veterinary syringe

the ready packaging in storehouse

1>Fudaplastic offers label printing

2>Customized shape design

3>Sticker for Lab container

Fuda Plastic Logistics Dept

We will arrange delivery directly from our factory to the Xingang Port warehouse in four hours.

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