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quality control point of vaccine vials

Carrie Apr 01,2020 Share this post:

Plastic bottles are widely used in many industries. Among them, our veterinary medicine industry also has a lot of applications. There are many types of vaccine bottles, and the quality of products is also uneven. Manufacturers of vaccine vials need to control quality in many ways when producing bottles.

plastic injection vials

1. Capacity: Due to the particularity of drug packaging and medication, the shape is mostly round from a few milliliters to about 1,000 milliliters.

2. In order to ensure that the medicine is not affected by moisture and does not deteriorate during the validity period, the medical plastic bottle should have good sealing and barrier properties, and can prevent the effects of light, heat, water vapor, and oxygen on the medicine.

3. The inner wall of the oral liquid bottle is in direct contact with the drug. The bottle-making material must meet the requirements of the drug packaging to ensure the safety of the drug.

4. Oral liquid bottles belong to a class of packaging materials. It can be used for pharmaceutical packaging without cleaning and sterilization. Therefore, there are higher requirements for microbial limits, and the production environment and production process should meet the requirements of relevant regulations. 

5. The shape, size and structure of the oral liquid bottle should meet the requirements of various types of filling machines for pharmaceutical companies and the requirements of high-speed automatic filling machines.

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