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There are three things to be aware of when choosing a disinfectant bottle

Carrie Feb 12,2020 Share this post:

Disinfectant manufacturers in the purchase of how to grasp the main points, the purchase of high quality disinfectant bottles.

This mainly needs to consider from the following three aspects.

empty disinfectant bottle

1. Material selection is the key: the main raw materials and auxiliary formula used in disinfectant bottles have a crucial impact on their high quality. Main raw materials in the selection of more varieties, which requires us to choose when the comprehensive performance of the investigation.

2. sealing, permeability: sealing and water vapor permeability are two important technical indicators of pharmaceutical plastic bottles, they have a significant impact on the stability of charging.

3. stability and compatibility: the selection of plastic bottles, especially the selection of new plastic bottles (or new materials, new technology) should be advanced loading test to investigate the stability of the charging and compatibility between plastic bottles and drugs. The permeation, dissolution, adsorption, chemical reaction and denaturation of drugs and plastic bottles must be determined by scientific testing.

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