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Classification of common disinfectants and selection of disinfectant packaging

Carrie Feb 10,2020 Share this post:

The rational use of veterinary disinfectants can improve the breeding environment and reduce the use of drugs and antibiotics.

Common disinfectants include acids, bases, phenols, alcohols, aldehydes, halogens, heavy metals, salts, oxidants, heterocycles, guanidines, surfactants, etc.

disinfectant bottle

In order to achieve the desired disinfection effect, a high quality disinfectant bottle can effectively ensure the quality of disinfectant products. For disinfectant products to choose the packaging bottle should choose the product with stable material, material is not easy to product reaction. In addition, disinfectant bottles should have certain corrosion resistance. From the perspective of use, disinfectant bottles should meet the visual requirements, or liquid level line scale can be added to the bottle body to facilitate the observation of usage.

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