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horse paste syringe appearance

Carrie Feb 28,2020 Share this post:

Our factory is a professional horse paste dispensing syringe manufacturer,we have our dial a dose syringe standard,and I will introduce the technical requirements from two aspects,one is sensory requirements,the other one is physical and chemical indicators.

paste syringe

I will introduce the sensory requirement.

Appearance,in natural light bright place,the syringe should have uniform colors,the surface should bright and clean,smooth,don't have obvious chromatic aberration.

The barrel of syringe is not crooked,the syringe don't have rags,deformation,cracks,sand hole,oil contamination,bubble;

the inside wall of barrel should be smoothness,don't have crinkle.

the syringe tip should be smooth

the syringe don't have defective printing which can influence of using

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