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Vaccine bottle barrier performance test

Carrie Nov 25,2019 Share this post:

Vaccine bottles commonly used for barrier performance testing items include water vapor permeation detection and oxygen transmission rate monitoring. The water vapor permeation test is to place a pre-treated medicinal plastic bottle in the test chamber, and a certain humidity of nitrogen flows on the outside of the plastic bottle. Due to the humidity gradient, the water vapor molecules pass through the film from the outside of the plastic bottle. The high-purity oxygen diffused to the inside is analyzed by the flowing nitrogen gas to the water vapor concentration measured by the sensor, thereby calculating the water vapor transmission rate and the like to evaluate the water vapor permeation of the test vaccine bottle.

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The oxygen transmission rate test uses the principle of equal pressure law, and the attached easy-to-test accessories can help companies to test the oxygen permeability index of oral liquid bottles. The pre-treated blister sample is placed in the test chamber and oxygen flows outside the medicinal plastic bottle. High-purity nitrogen flows inside the plastic bottle. Due to the concentration gradient of the cation, oxygen molecules diffuse through the film from the outside of the bottle to the inside of the high-purity nitrogen, and are carried by the flowing nitrogen to the sensor through the oxygen concentration measured by the sensor. The analysis is performed to calculate parameters such as the oxygen permeability of the deaerator to evaluate the oxygen barrier performance of the test sample.

Through the above tests, the barrier properties and sealing performance of vaccine bottle can be monitored; in addition, the appearance and microbial indicators of the plastic bottle need to be detected and controlled. Regulate the production process through comprehensive quality testing. To ensure the quality of the product.

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