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Quality inspection of vaccine vial should pay attention to these three aspects

Carrie Oct 29,2019 Share this post:

The quality inspection of vaccine vial mainly includes the following three aspects:

1. Non-toxic, no odor, etc. This is the most basic requirement. For general performance tablets, high-density polyethylene and polypropylene are selected. If high transparency is required, then polyester bottles can be selected. If you need higher barrier properties, and can block light, but also opaque, then we can choose a brown PET bottle.

vaccine package

2. Quality inspection of the sealing property and water vapor permeability of the bottle and lid of the oral liquid bottle. These two factors are important technical indicators and have very important stability for the quality inspection of packaged products.

3. Plastic liquid bottles should be verified by the quality assurance system: the suppliers should be audited. This link has become an indispensable part of purchasing liquid plastic bottles. For the approval of the audit, it can be used for the manufacturer's hardware and software facilities. There is also an important assessment of the level of technical equipment and comprehensive quality.

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