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vaccine vial production needs to pay attention to some problems

Carrie Oct 21,2019 Share this post:

When setting the extruded plastic vaccine bottle, if the material is high density polyethylene and polypropylene, the cross section of the oral liquid bottle is generally circular, if the material is low density polyethylene or Other relatively flexible plastic bottles are preferably circular in cross-section so that the objects inside can be squeezed out. Plastic caps or other seals that should be used in conjunction with the mouth of a plastic oral liquid bottle must be designed according to the mouth of the plastic bottle. How can the plastic bottle mouth be well matched with the cap and sealer? the most important.

vaccine vial

The bottom of the vaccine vial is the position where the mechanical properties of the plastic bottle are very weak, so the bottom of the oral liquid bottle is generally designed to be concave, and a relatively large arc is formed at the corner position and the concave position of the plastic bottle. Excessively, in order to make the plastic bottle more convenient to store and transport, the stacking stability of the plastic bottle can be increased.

10ml plastic vial with rubber and stopper

On the printing surface of plastic bottle, it is the most important position for consumers to watch, so the printed surface must be continuous and flat. If the oral liquid bottle has a handle, a rib or a groove, etc., it must be designed. Note that it does not interfere with printing. Since most plastic bottles have notch-sensitive properties, cracks and cracks are more likely to occur in sharp corners of plastic bottles, roots of the mouth threads, or necks, so these locations should be designed with rounded corners. . In the position of the shoulder of the plastic bottle, it will support most of the load of the plastic bottle, so the wall thickness at this position can be locally increased, which is more conducive to improving the load resistance and rigidity of the plastic bottle.

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