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What's live vaccine

Carrie Oct 14,2019 Share this post:

A live vaccine is a biological product prepared by using a low virulence mild field pathogen isolate to change the virulence of the pathogen isolate.


1. Similar to the natural infection process, it can replicate and proliferate in the body, and the immune effect is long. One immunization can produce long-lasting immunity.

2, the immune effect is firm, can form local and systemic immunity

3, in addition to injection vaccination (usually subcutaneous injection), natural infection can be taken (such as oral, spray, etc.) for immunization


1. Unstable, not easy to store and transport; susceptible to light and heat

2, the vaccine may contaminate unfavorable factors

3, affected by circulating antibodies, viruses and other factors, the factors that interfere with the propagation of pathogenic microorganisms in the body, can cause vaccine immune failure

4, the potential danger of returning to the ancestors by virulence in the body

5. Patients with immunodeficiency or who are receiving immunosuppressive therapy can cause serious or fatal reactions.

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