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Refillable Twin Neck Container

Carrie Sep 19,2019 Share this post:

Xinfuda offer refillable dispenser bottles so now you can mix, refill and accurately measure your own additive pre-mix. 

twin neck bottle

Twin neck bottle is supplied with 2 child protective caps.  The black cap is for the dispensing chamber and the red cap for refilling the bottle.   To fill the bottle unscrew the red cap and pour the product into the bottle using a suitable funnel, taking care not to overfill.
To dispense, unscrew the black cap to relieve any pressure and then carefully squeeze the main body of the bottle to force the contents into the measuring chamber.  Do not remove the black cap fully - this will ensure that the contents will not squirt out from the chamber.  Continue this until the correct measurement is achieved and then remove the black cap fully and pour, ensuring that a suitable funnel is used where necessary.

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