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sterile plastic bottles production considerations

Carrie Sep 04,2019 Share this post:

Plastic sterile bottles are packed in the field of solid pharmaceutical packaging and have gradually replaced glass bottles and completely dominated. In terms of liquid medicines, plastic oral liquid bottles are developing rapidly!

Advantages of plastic sterile plastic vials:

In the production, the advanced injection blowing process was used to change the orientation surface of the micro-crystal basic structure in PP, which greatly improved the transparency, strength, hardness and gloss of the PP bottle, so it was both high temperature resistant and beautiful. In addition, PP bottles are compatible with more than 90% of domestic oral liquid filling production line equipment, and can be directly filled in production, which saves equipment, saves processes and saves time. Moreover, the PP bottle is not easily broken, the breakage rate is zero, the production cost can be reduced, the safety of transportation and use is increased, and the occupied area of the GMP workshop is reduced, which reduces the investment cost. The price of PP bottles is also relatively cheap, and there should be great cost performance in the market competition.

Note on the production of sterile injection vials:

In the production process, the main focus is on quality management, and effective and complete quality control is the key. At the same time of strict quality control, the quality inspection personnel of each link carefully and carefully recorded the quality status of each batch of goods, found problems and dealt with them in time to ensure that each batch of goods met the quality standards.

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