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plastic syringe trend in animal medicine packaging

Carrie Aug 29,2019 Share this post:

The traditional injection packaging is ampoule bottle and penicillin bottle, when inject, need use syringe to absorb medicine liquid from the ampoule bottle or penicillin bottle,this way is complex, but when the prefilled syringe is invented,this syringe save much time, because this syringe can store and inject medicine liquid. So this prefilled syringe is the packaging trend, this syringe will be used more.

plastic syringe manufacturer

Plastic syringe is also used for animals now, veterinary syringe has better consistency, and plastic  syringe has best sealing because the syringe has been tested when this syringe left factory. So this syringe can lengthen the shelf life.And this prefilled syringe can be filled by auto filling machine, so the medicine plant can be save human cost.The plastic syringe also can control the precise the dose of medicine liquid,so the syringe can avoid using wrong dose.

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