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Swine oral liquid bottle procurement needs attention

Carrie Aug 22,2019 Share this post:

The swine oral liquid bottle is mainly a container for holding an oral liquid. The oral liquid bottle for animal medicine is a packaging container that directly contacts the medicine, and the quality is not only guaranteed, but also the surface cannot have a large defect. How to purchase oral liquid bottles for swine, what are the precautions for the purchase of oral liquid bottles? The following small series introduces you to the main points of purchasing oral liquid bottles, and hopes to help the oral liquid bottles purchased by everyone.

1. Swine oral liquid bottles are mainly used for containing oral liquid medicines. The common oral liquid bottles on the market are controlled bottles and molded bottles. The volume of controlled oral liquid bottles ranges from 5ml to 50ml, and the capacity of molded oral liquid bottles From 10 ml to 500 ml.

2. Plastic sterile injection bottle printing usually has two kinds, one is high temperature ink silk screen printing, this silk screen does not decolorize, the color is dull, and there is a low temperature ink silk screen, the color is more beautiful, the ink requirements are high, otherwise easy Fall off and pay attention to bottle disinfection.

3. Empty sterile vials, with transparency, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and electrical, optical properties.

4. Place the oral liquid bottle in a natural light place with no visible cracks.

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