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twin neck bottle heavy metal content standard and detection method

Carrie Aug 19,2019 Share this post:

The standard content of heavy metal in hdpe twin neck bottle is: precise amount of water for test solution 20ml, plus acetate buffer (PH3.5) 2ml, check according to law (Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition general rule 0821 first method), containing heavy metals must not exceed one millionth One.

double neck bottle

The first method for determination of heavy metal content in twin neck bottles.

Unless otherwise specified, take 25 ml of Nessler colorimetric tube, add a standard amount of lead solution to the tube buffer (pH 3.5) 2ml, add water or a variety of methods. 25 ml of the test solution, add the same weight of the test tube to the tube, add the appropriate amount of solvent to prepare the test solution, and add the same amount of standard lead solution and acetate buffer as the tube. After 2ml, dilute to 25ml with solvent; if the test solution is colored, a small amount of diluted caramel solution or other non-interfering colored solution can be dripped in the tube to make it consistent with the tube and tube; Add 2ml of thioacetamide test solution to each of the three tubes, and then shake them for 2 minutes. Place them on the white paper and look at the top and bottom. When the color displayed in the tube is not shallower than the tube. The color displayed in the tube B should not be deeper than that of the tube. If the color displayed in the tube is shallower than the tube, the sample should be re-examined according to the second method.

If the caramel solution or other non-interfering colored solution is added to the tube, and the color cannot be consistent, the second method should be sampled.

When the double neck bottle is tested for heavy metals, such as high-iron salt, the same amount of vitamin C 0.5~1.0g can be added to the three tubes of A, B and C, and then the above method can be checked.

When configuring the test solution, if the hydrochloric acid used exceeds 1ml, the ammonia test solution exceeds 2ml, or other reagents are added for treatment, unless otherwise specified, the tube solution wins the same amount of reagent in the porcelain dish and is evaporated. After adding 2 ml of acetate buffer (pH 3.5) and 15 ml of water, after dissolving slightly, displace the Nessler colorimetric tube, add a certain amount of standard lead solution, and then explain with water or the solvent specified under each variety. Into 25ml.

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