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Oral liquid bottle for swine medicine aluminum cover quality requirements

Carrie Aug 21,2019 Share this post:

The oral liquid bottle cap is mainly divided into an all-aluminum cap and an aluminum-plastic composite cap. The bottle body and the cap have a sealing portion, and the sealing portion is f urther divided into a drip plastic, a rubber flat pad and a rubber plug (butyl or natural rubber). form. Oral liquid bottles generally achieve the integration of the sealing portion and the cap.

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Oral liquid bottle caps are all aluminum caps or aluminum-plastic composite caps. The basis of them is aluminum caps. Among them, industrial pure aluminum has high plasticity, low hardness and high elongation. The aluminum caps produced are easy to roll when sealing. Therefore, the sealing mouth of the sealing is smooth and not easy to wrinkle, and the fit between the lid and the bottle mouth is good.

At the same time, the hardness of the aluminum cover HV value has a standard in each production plant, too high or too low can not meet the requirements of good sealing. In addition, the wall thickness of the aluminum cap of the oral liquid bottle has a great influence on the sealing quality and the pass rate. Generally, the wall thickness of the aluminum cover is 0.2 mm, and the variation range is preferably 0.18-0.22 mm. Thinner aluminum covers tend to wrinkle when sealed. In order to achieve a better sealing effect, the gap between the aluminum lid of the oral liquid bottle and the mouth of the bottle should be slightly smaller, and the height of the aluminum cover should be correspondingly shorter.

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