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The quality requirements of plastic horse paste oral dose syringes

Jason Dec 20,2018 Share this post:

When you feed horse,you need buy supplement,nutrition and medicine for your horse.Now many factories of supplement,nutrition and medicine use the plastic horse paste oral dose syringes packaging to package these,because of the horse owners' demand,like easily carry,easily feed,easily use,safe and so on.

The horse paste syringe is one kind of new packaging,some people may not know this syringe,so today I will introduce the syringe to you.

Now I will talk about the quality requirements of the oral dose syringe.

The horse is a bigger livestock,so the dosage of them is also bigger than the dog or cat,so you need choose the bigger dosage syringe,like 20ml,30ml,60ml.The bigger syringe has barrel with long and wide tip,the tip cap,the plunger with piston,the located ring.these syringes is not only a packaging,but also can inject,so this packaging is functional packaging(nowadays,the demand of functional packaging is large,many packaging factories is designing all kind functional packaging,like CRC bottle,twin neck bottles,effervescent tablet tube and so on).these syringe has some advantages,like easily use,exact dosage(because of the located ring and printed scale).

The following is the quality requirements.

  1. the horse paste dosage syringe should meet the sterile requirements,so the syringe should be produced in GMP clean workshop and sterilized 

  2. The syringe don't have foreign matter,the surface of the syringe should be coincident

  3. The clarity should be accord with experimental requirements

  4. The leakproofness must be better,the filled paste don't let out

  5. The sliding resistance of plunger should be well,when you push the plunger,the plunger don't appearance lock or stop situations

  6. the barrel don't appear cracks

  7. the printing of the plunger should be clear

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