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How do the factories of press and twist cap bottle control the quality of products

Jason Dec 03,2018 Share this post:

How do the factories of press and twist cap bottle control the quality of products

Many pharmaceutical factories start to use the press and twist cap bottles to packaging their medicine,so many pharmaceutical packaging factory start to produce the press and twist cap bottles,this phenomenon meets the rules of pharmaceutical market,because the press and twist cap bottle has prevention of thievery and child resistant functions,so many medicine factories and medicine user like this bottle,and this bottle is expanding fast.

But i hope the pharmaceutical factories can control the quality of this bottles,when they develop quickly.

Today i will introduce that how to control the quality of press and twist cap bottles in medical packaging factories.

The pharmaceutical packaging is produced by these steps,design,produce and checkout,so if want to control the quality,you need control the process of producing.

  1. when you design this safe bottle,you need calculate the suitable size and fit(interference fit,loose fit,transition fit).

  2. Before you start to produce,you need prepare the high quality material,additive and color master batch.You need checkout these materials according to standards.

  3. when you are producing the press and twist cap bottle,you need produce in clean workshop,and control the every process to produce the qualified products.In this step,the quality control officier must checkout the products at any time to control the quality of products.

  4. Before the products leave factory,the package of the products must be in whole to ensure the products in package is well

So manage the quality of products,you not only need control the material,intermediate products and checkout the products to be packaged and factory examination of finished product,but also need design the monitoring measures in all process(like environment).So the packaging factories access the GMP standard which can roundly manage the all process of producing bottles.

WTO and every country's GMP emphasize the significance of GMP of pharmaceutical manufacturer.

And the factories must set the quality control department which is led by owner of factory and is independent of produced department,and this quality control department is responsible for the quality checkout in all process,and the owner of the factory must give disabled rights of unqualified material,intermediate products and veto power of saling of permit through finished product.

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