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The probiotics supplement syringe is a new packaging for cattle probiotics

Jason Nov 29,2018 Share this post:

The probiotics supplement syringe is a new packaging for cattle probiotics

All cattle owner knows that probiotics is very important for your cattle.Probiotics are products that contain living microorganisms—bacteria and/or yeasts.According to research, Probiotics have the ability to modulate the balance and activities of the gastrointestinal microbiota.But the gut health and gut microflora may be influence by the diet changes, antibiotic use, temperature extremes and high stocking densities of modern pasture,in the time,your cattle may appear dyspeptic and diarrhea symptoms ,you need feed the probiotics to your cattle,help them to balance theri get health.

The modern probiotics supplement is all contain a collection of key probiotics to help maintain digestive health in cattle,like Enterococcus faecium,Lactobacillus acidophilus,Lactobacillus casei,Lactobacillus plantarum and so on.So the modern probiotics have many benefit for cattles,such as establishment of beneficial gut microflora,improved digestibility of feed,reduced digestive upsets,enhanced animal health,re- establishment of gut microflora following antibiotics, wormers or vaccination and so on.

Then i will tell you the common packaging of the probiotics supplement.In the market,the probiotics supplement has powdery and paste.The powdery is packaged by the bigger wide neck bottle,the paste is packaged by the syringe.

Previously,the cattle probiotics is all packaged by the bigger wide neck bottles.The wide neck bottle is filled heavier powdery supplement,but when you use,you need add the supplement to water or cattles' food.

In recent years,the probiotics supplement syringe is usded more and more wide,many animal health company start to use this package -syringe,because that this syringe is small and carried conveniently,and this syringe is also used easily and safe for cows.This syringe is filled the paste probiotics,when you use,you only inject the probiotics to your cattles' mouth.

Then,i will introduce this syringe packaging for you.

  1. This syringe is designed for animal oral,the structure of the syringe is different from the common syringe.The picture is the probiotics supplement syringe.

  2. The syringe barrel and the syringe plunger is interference fit,so you don't worry the supplement paste leak

  3. the syringe has tip cap ,so the paste can keep wet and well,don't do bad

These are informations which i know about the paste syringe,if you know others,please contact me and tell me.

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