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The 5ml dairy mastitis syringe is different from the 60ml horse oral syringe

Jason Nov 27,2018 Share this post:

The 5ml dairy cow syringe is different from the 60ml horse oral syringe.

Today i will talk about the differences of the two syringe from several points.

First i will talk the difference of the structure.

The disposable veterinary syringe has two structure,one structure syringe is the 5ml dairy mastitis syringe's structure,the other one is the 60ml horse oral syringe's structure.The following pictures are the 5ml syringe and 60ml syringe.

The 5ml syringe has three parts syringe tube,syringe plunger and tip cap.The 60ml syringe has four parts,syringe tube,syringe plunger,location ring and tip cap.The tip of 5ml syringe is thin and long,but the tip of 60ml syringe is wide and short.the syringe plunger is wide and has scale and teeth,but the 5ml syringe don't have.So these the differences of structure.

Second.I will take the differences of applications from the two type syringe.

  1. The applications of 5ml syringe is dairy mastitis syringe,cockroach bait syringe

  2. The applications of 60ml syringe is uterus filling syringe,supplement syringe,paste syringe,horse worm syringe.

So when you want to choose the disposable veterinary syringe,you need notice the differences of the two type syringes.

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